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Gourmet Dourme, chocolate brand in Armenia since 2007


The secret of this growing brand in Armenia is the combination of very tasty quality chocolate with nice innovative gift packing ideas. The brand, the slogan of which is “be different” has since its birth in 2007 convinced the chocolate market with its fine fresh taste, in unique designs and good service. Chocolate lovers find in GD stores in Armenia a small budget gift idea concept through its wish items, daily needs and personalized chocolates. The brand has divided its clients to various sections in order to create different gift items to every single section. This is why GD store visitors in Yerevan go from 1 to 90 years-old and from the teenagers to the businessmen. Some clients have also the pleasure to bring their pictures to the store and create a personalized gift chocolate bar in 5 minutes; they also have the opportunity to assemble themselves a name in a box with chocolate letters. ...  In parallel, GD Armenia has also a large clients’ list of coffee shops and hotels with fresh chocolates wrapped with the shop and hotel logo. Gourmet Dourme is a brand that has a wide perspective in the “Chocolate gift” field. GD stores in Armenia are located in Yerevan, Abovyan street 19 , Dalma Garden Mall and Yerevan Mall. As well as Yerevan airport’s duty free market.   CloseRead more

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